I’m often asked what the inspiration is behind my work. I often take that question as “what the hell does this painting supposed to be?” It’s not obvious, I’ll admit. Perhaps I don’t want it to be obvious.

On one occasion I was standing in front of a large painting I had completed with a friend of mine. As my friend stood there, examining the work, he replied “this painting makes me feel a little uncomfortable.” There was no doubt that his reaction was by far the greatest compliment I had ever received.

The aspect of abstract expressionism, especially minimalist paintings, that always captivated me was the fact that there was no obvious answers. You really had no clear idea of what the artist was referencing or what he/she wanted you to see or feel. It was left up to the viewer. 

This friend of mine felt something. He felt uncertainty , or he felt an emotion that this canvas, void of any figurative references or any obvious reference to pain or sorrow made him feel.

My work is about color. And I believe that color can provoke emotion sometimes as much as words or pictures depicting the pain and struggles of mankind in the more literal sense can depict. I felt a sense of accomplishment at his remark. I felt that my work, at least in this instance, fulfilled its goal.

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